How to Avoid Lines at the BMV

Posted by Mike Taylor on Tuesday, July 7th, 2009 at 8:05am

Want to avoid long lines and the dregs of society that seem to accumulate at the Indiana BMV?  Keep reading.


This is a post unrelated to Indianapolis real estate, homes, or the like.  This is just a sweet little nugget of information for residents of the Indy area who read this blog.  I was recently involved in a car accident, my car was totaled, and purchased a new (used) car.  Well, when I went to register it (on a Monday) all the BMV’s were closed.  So I hopped on their website to find out the hours for the next day and I found out that AAA actually acts as a satellite office of the BMV for basic transactions such as registering your vehicle.  I found my nearest one located at 86th and Michigan and walked right in with no wait to register my car on a Monday.  No lines, no waiting until Tuesday, no crazy people in wife beaters.  Just a completely normal business like transaction in an expedient and pleasant manner.  It was wonderful.  So, next time you need a basic transaction from the BMV; skip the regular government offices and head for your nearest AAA.  They do charge a $5 fee for non members, but that is well worth IMHO. 
You can find a AAA office near you here.